Using ‘Pokemon GO’ To Capture Business

How Pokémon GO (5)

If you had told me that Pokémon was going to make a serious comeback at any point in my life, I would have laughed at you and replied “Right, and I should probably dig out my slammers in preparation for the POG resurrection”.

But it’s happening. And way faster than anyone can comprehend.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, you know that the popular 90’s franchise has been reincarnated as an augmented reality mobile app known as ‘Pokémon GO’. In summary: it’s now possible to capture Pokémon “in real life” using your smartphone. Subsequently, the entire world has lost it’s damn mind – even countries that haven’t been able to download it yet.

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3 Super Sneaky Banana Recipes


Oh, Bananas. I LOVE THEM. Whenever I meet someone who doesn’t share the same affinity, I immediately consider writing them off. Besides the fact that bananas have a TON of nutritional benefits – including aiding in digestion and lowering your risk for heart attack or stroke – they taste pretty damn good too. What’s not to love?

And, a little known fact about bananas is that they are also surprisingly versatile… meaning, the indulgence doesn’t have to end at your standard peel-and-eat routine, or in your grandma’s famous banana bread recipe. There are so many other sneaky ways to incorporate this yummy fruit into your diet, and I’m going to introduce you to 3 of them.

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