How To Survive Fall In New England


Fall has a way of toying with your emotions. Sometimes you’re heading into work and nearly drive yourself off the road staring at the vibrant leaves all around you. And then other times you wonder why the F you live in New England where it’s rainy, blustery, and cold AF. I’m currently experiencing the latter, shacked up in my apartment with a cup of tea, leggings, and a marathon of It’s Always Sunny.

With everything going on outside, I’m inspired to write a guide to surviving fall in New England. These tried-and-true tips will ensure you come out on the other end of November unscathed and ready to take on a brutal winter.

Buy yourself a GD pair of LuLaroe leggings, like yesterday. I should have listened to my friend Nicole awhile ago when she told me to get on this train. These leggings feel like butter and are the perfect accessory for a night on the couch, a nap, a trip to the grocery store, barre class, work… actually I’ll probably never take them off.


Invest in a quality rain jacket before it rains. I was reminded of this one whilst trecking through a legit monsoon a couple of weeks ago. The rain literally did not stop coming down, and I quickly learned that my rain jacket was not really suited for such conditions. You know when you’re shopping online and the site clearly specifies that a jacket is perfect for “windy conditions” but you’re 100% positive it will pass for a rain jacket and you really want it because it’s cute and reasonably priced? Yep, I definitely did that. Don’t.

Have as many Shipyard Pumpkinheads as you want. Listen up, summer is over. You don’t need to worry about your beach bod for awhile, so embrace the season of layers and treat yoself. Shipyard Pumpkinhead is a staple of fall in New England. And, when garnished with a shot of Stoli vanilla and a sugared rim, it’s an instant mood-lifter. If it’s wrong to live off these, you really just don’t even want to be right.


Get to know L.L. Bean. And do it ahead of season (I learned this one the hard way by  trying to order Bean boots in the middle of November). If you’re not from New England, you are probably wondering who L.L. is and what Bean boots are. In a nutshell: L.L. is the only place you should be buying anything related to the outdoors from. You can literally bring their products back for a replacement whenever you want. So the second your reliable (and fashionable) Bean boots start to feel not-so-much, send them on back for a brand new pair. In an area as unpredictable as New England, this is clutch.

Be basic and do fall things. As soon as temps drop, seasonal affective disorder sinks in. Do whatever you can to keep your spirits up. Apple picking. Leaf-peeping hikes. Cider donuts. Pumpkin spiced everything. Instagram shots of your boots in a pile of leaves. Fall activities tend to get a bad rep because they’re “so basic”. Well, they are “basic” because they make most people happy. When have you ever met someone who made it to the top of a mountain and was immediately pissed off at the mere sight of a landscape painted with breath-taking foliage? Probably never.

And there you have it, your complete guide to surviving fall. One last tip: While you’re in the middle of complaining about a mid-day high of 50 degrees, appreciate those vibrant leaves around you and New England’s ability to change season. In the end, we’re pretty #blessed to live here.



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