Obligatory Summer Send-Off


Summer is officially over, and not unlike any other year, I’m having serious issues with it. Fall is great and all, but it’s got nothing on summer. Especially when fall pulls BS moves like usual in New England, coming in hot with the crisp weather and suicidal leaves on day 1.

This summer, I decided to do something totally out of character for me and make a major life change. Normally, I run in the opposite direction at the simple thought of having to switch oatmeal brands because my favorite has been discontinued. But sometimes you’ve just gotta do it. In my case, hanging with my biological roommates while I tried to recover from a breakup and figure out what exactly I was doing with my life got to be real old real fast. So over the span of 2 months, I forced myself to find an apartment, put my notice in at a job that I had grown out of, find a new job, and relocate an hour north of where I’d spent most of my life.

I did it in that order too, which was kind of ass-backwards, but moving on.

I landed in Portland for a couple different reasons. One, there is just something in the air up here that makes you never want to leave. Maybe it’s the smell of 9 million delicious restaurant choices, or maybe it’s the aroma of dead fish as you’re walking along Commercial. Who really knows. Something just sucks you right in. Two, it’s an hour away from where my family is. This is important because I no longer receive a call every week from Jodi asking me to come have dinner at their house. But, I’m still close enough where once every couple of weeks is doable.

Although I had to sacrifice the familiarity of seeing most of the people that I care most about whenever I wanted, the rest of my world feels like it’s more in place than it has been in awhile. It’s for that reason that I’m gonna go ahead and boldly call this summer “the best yet”.




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