A Sunday of Regrets

I have a serious love-hate relationship with Boston.

It’s home to several people that I care about (including the Bruins) and has arguably some of the best brunch spots in America. However, every single time I visit, I leave with a firm “okay seriously, that was the last time” mindset. The hangovers, driving that evokes my road rage, and alerts from my bank letting me know that I’ve successfully overdrawn my account all make for a less than desirable ride home. But then, a few months later, I again find myself spending a weekend there visiting friends or celebrating a special occasion. This one was a biggie: One of the last bachelorette celebrations in my circle of close friends. (Yours truly, holding up the caboose, hayyy).


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Review: Earth at Hidden Pond


When you decide to move away from where you spent most of your life, you inevitably experience changes that can take some getting used to: Starting a new job, working with different coworkers, getting to the grocery store from your apartment without getting lost, and meeting new friends.

One change that you may never get used to is knowing you can no longer make last-minute plans with your friends back home. Gone are the days where living a few minutes away from each other made grabbing a beer after work a breeze. Now, hour-long drives and rush hour traffic make coordinating schedules for a weeknight dinner about as easy as peeling yourself away from a Netflix marathon on a rainy Sunday – nearly impossible.

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3 Super Sneaky Banana Recipes


Oh, Bananas. I LOVE THEM. Whenever I meet someone who doesn’t share the same affinity, I immediately consider writing them off. Besides the fact that bananas have a TON of nutritional benefits – including aiding in digestion and lowering your risk for heart attack or stroke – they taste pretty damn good too. What’s not to love?

And, a little known fact about bananas is that they are also surprisingly versatile… meaning, the indulgence doesn’t have to end at your standard peel-and-eat routine, or in your grandma’s famous banana bread recipe. There are so many other sneaky ways to incorporate this yummy fruit into your diet, and I’m going to introduce you to 3 of them.

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