Spring Cleaning For Dummies

They say if you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes. Well, up here in Portland, we’ve been waiting approximately 3 days for the blustery winds and sub zero temps to die down and I’m pretty convinced that I’ll be stuck under my covers forever.

I don’t particularly like the idea of gettingĀ frostbite, so I’m avoiding the outdoors at all costs.

Actual example from this week: “I’m going to the gym.” *Feels apartment building swaying in the wind whilst lacing up sneakers* “On second thought, I have Sweat with Kayla on my phone and a perfectly comfortable living room floor that will work juuuust fine.”

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I’d Put My Glass On These


Happy New Year! Hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already. I’ve experienced 31 of them in my life and I’m always surprised at how quickly they sneak up on me and then disappear faster than an El Rayo taco plate. In fact, I think Christmas comes and goes faster the older I get, which of course causes me to scramble for gifts because I convince myself that I have way more time to shop than I actually do.

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25 Little Things To Give Big Thanks For


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Is it weird that I’m now craving Louisiana Bayou Benedict, even after I pretty much just ate more than my body weight in turkey and stuffing? UGH ilysm.ā™„

Thanksgiving is a special day. You’re allowed to eat whatever you want and pass out on the couch with your pants unbuttoned and no one can say a damn thing about it. Also, you probably have Black Friday off, so…wine. Most importantly, Thanksgiving is a single day dedicated to giving thanks for what you have.

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How To Survive Fall In New England


Fall has a way of toying with your emotions. Sometimes you’re heading into work and nearly drive yourself off the road staring at the vibrant leaves all around you. And then other times you wonder why the F you live in New England where it’s rainy, blustery, and cold AF. I’m currently experiencing the latter, shacked up in my apartment with a cup of tea, leggings, and a marathon of It’s Always Sunny.

With everything going on outside, I’m inspired to write a guide to surviving fall in New England. These tried-and-true tips will ensure you come out on the other end of November unscathed and ready to take on a brutal winter.

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A Sunday Of Regrets


Boston and I have a serious love-hate relationship.

It’s home to several people that I care about and has arguably some of the best brunch spots in America. However, every single time I visit, I leave with a firm “okay seriously, that was the last time” mindset. The hangovers, driving that evokes my road rage, and alerts from my bank letting me know that I’ve successfully overdrawn my account all make for a less than desirable ride home. But then, a few months later, I again find myself spending a weekend there visiting friends or celebrating a special occasion. This one was a biggie: One of the last bachelorette celebrations in my circle of close friends.

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Obligatory Summer Send-Off


Summer is officially over, and not unlike any other year, I’m having serious issues with it. Fall is great and all, but it’s got nothing on summer. Especially when fall pulls BS moves like usual in New England, coming in hot with the crisp weather and suicidal leaves on day 1.

This summer, I decided to do something totally out of character for me and make a major life change. Normally, I run in the opposite direction at the simple thought of having to switch oatmeal brands because my favorite has been discontinued. But sometimes you’ve just gotta do it. In my case, hanging with my biological roommates while I tried to recover from a breakup and figure out what exactly I was doing with my life got to be real old real fast. So over the span of 2 months, I forced myself to find an apartment, put my notice in at a job that I had grown out of, find a new job, and relocate an hour north of where I’d spent most of my life.

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Date Night Must: Earth At Hidden Pond


When you decide to move away from where you spent most of your life, you have to adjust to all kinds of change: Starting a new job, working with different coworkers, remembering how to get to the grocery store without getting lost, and meeting new friends.

One thing that you may never get used to is knowing you can no longer make last-minute plans with your friends back home. Living a few minutes away from each other once made grabbing a beer after work a breeze. Now, hour-long drives and rush hour traffic make coordinating schedules for a weeknight dinner about as easy as peeling yourself away from a Netflix marathon on a rainy Sunday – nearly impossible.

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